The ONLY Reason Americans Should Care About Brexit Vote…

This, my friends, is an oversimplification.

But here’s the rub: If Britain chooses to leave the European Union, bodes well for Trump. If Britain chooses to stay, bodes well for Hillary. That’s it. Am I jumping to conclusions based on possible outcomes of completely unrelated events? No. I’m simply making an inference.

You see, Britain is much further down the anti-immigrant, anti-free trade road than the US is at this point. Partly because it’s been at it longer. Partly because we actually aren’t too horribly bad at assimilating non-fundamentalists into US society. Take, for example, Jackson Heights in New York City. Immigrants from Bangladesh, China, Columbia, Ecuador, Greece, India, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Nepal, Thailand, The Philippines (and I’m sure even more) live side-by-side within about a one-mile radius. That kind of set up really doesn’t exist much in England. (I’m not familiar enough with the rest of the UK to comment.)

While there is obviously no direct connection between Brexit and the US Presidential Election, do think it’s fair to view it as a barometer of how xenophobic and protectionist people in developed countries are becoming.

If Britain exits the EU, then Hotheads around the world have a lot of upside. If Britain stays, cooler heads more likely to prevail. And so it goes…

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