Brexit Breakfast Surprise!

Britain’s Prime Minister proves she can be unpredictable too, suddenly calling for new elections.

  • While May would not be calling for elections unless she feels she has great momentum, the element of surprise also aims to catch the opposition Labour party way off guard as it still licks its Brexit wounds. It may also help her bring into line figures within her own party who opposed Brexit.

Ever wonder why South Korea doesn’t ALREADY have a missile defense system? Well, there are two answers: It’s coming. And China.

  • This is where China comes in. It’s pressured South Korea not to install THAAD because the powerful tracking system could tip the balance of power in the region toward the U.S. And China hasn’t just talked tough: it suddenly found fire code violations at 87 of 99 Chinese branches of Korea’s Lotte Department Store, forcing them to shut down.
  • And one would think while the U.S. is putting South Korea in the cross-hairs, we might cut them some slack on trade. But, no. Part of Vice President Mike Pence’s message on his visit to the South is that the 5-year old US/South Korea free trade agreement would be reviewed and revised.
  • Our opinion: Perhaps Kim Jong-un’s best play right now might be to pick up the phone and give President Trump a buzz. Trump seems to respond favorably to strongmen who come calling. Maybe they’d even be friends. Anyway, that’s what we’d do if we were Kim. But we’re not. (Editor’s note: Then again, there’s always a chance the phone call could start World War 3. Remember Trump’s call with our ally Australia.)

Yesterday, we wished out loud that President Trump wasn’t paying close attention to the referendum in Turkey.

  • Erdogan lashed out at critics, saying they should “know their place.” And that any subsequent reports critical of the vote are fake news. And that no one is more democratic than him. We are not making this up.

Georgia Special Election

This is kind of a cheap shot. That doesn’t mean it’s not priceless.

We’ll refrain from saying anything further. Just go to the video tape.

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