Trump Throws In With Roy Moore

“Roy Moore Denies It. That’s All I Can Say. He Denies It. And By The Way, He Totally Denies It”

With that, the President came to the defense of a man accused of making unwanted sexual advances toward underage and teenage girls when he was in his 30’s and working as an Assistant District Attorney.

This is why, as we’ve been saying, someone needs to come forth with a photo. Any photo, of Moore making time with an underage or teenage girl.

In a statement very reminiscent of his “both sides” remarks defending those marching alongside neo-Nazis in Charlottesville, Trump saying of the Republican candidate for Senate: “you have to listen to him also.”

Then, almost in the same breath, Trump goes on to say “Women are very special…I think it’s a very special time”.

Trump points out that the accusations made against Moore refer to events that happened 40 years ago, which is almost the exact same argument that was made for not pursuing two KKK members who had  walked free for almost that exact amount of time after participating in a Birmingham church bombing that killed 4 little girls and 22 other people. That is, until Moore’s opponent, Doug Jones, doggedly pursued them and brought them to justice. The reason we’re bringing that up is Trump then called Jones “soft on crime”. But that’s what he says about every Democrat.

Here’s the video clip: it’s astounding and confounding, and it must be watched if you haven’t already seen it…

Later in the statement (and this hasn’t been covered as much), the President identifies Moore’s accusers as “Trump voters” but then concludes with a sigh: “all you can do is you have to do what you have to do.”

Here’s that clip:

If there’s any doubt Moore’s team is taking this as anything less than a full-blown endorsement, just look at his Twitter feed:


Mar-A-Lago’s Reopened For The Season: Trump’s Again In Residence Along With Wealthy Elite He Says He Despises

But, as the Miami Herald reports, while inside the resort things may be lavish and cheery, outside protestors are amassing, as many of Trump’s policies are hitting Florida residents particularly hard. Most recently his decision to take away temporary visa status from tens of thousands of Haitians who’d escaped the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake, and also taking away or threatening the temporary refugee status of Nicaraguans, Salvadorans, and Hondurans, a number of whom relocated to Florida. Some of them have been in the country now for nearly 20 years.



Two Branches Of Trump Administration Simultaneously Make Widely Contradictory Decisions Which Will Shape The Future Of Media

Trump’s Federal Communications Director, Ajit Pai, pushing for a quick end to “net neutrality”, giving companies like AT&T broad new powers to potentially block and throttle content. (Comcast says it won’t do that. We’ll hold them to that.)

Yet just the day before, Trump’s Justice Department announced it was moving to block AT&T’s purchase of Time Warner on the grounds that in order to protect consumers it needed to prevent AT&T from gaining broad new powers to block and throttle content.

This isn’t quite the apples-to-apples comparison we’re making it out to be, but it still represents a striking inconsistency, as this New York Times story (published after we originally wrote this) conveniently points out.

As to the gutting of net neutrality rules, the most simple way of explaining it, we think, is it adds a middleman to the process of getting content over the internet. Right now, even though you pay for internet access, the companies that provide it can’t really control what you see or how fast you see it, and they certainly can’t favor what you see over something else. So even though you pay them, they’re just there, and all you’re paying for is access to Google, or Facebook or whatever you use. Now all those companies will be able to control your access to Google and Facebook and everything else. So say one of them owns a competing service. Do you think it might be in their interest to favor the service they own, and slow down the service they don’t (or make you pay more to access it)?


FCC Chair Ajit Pai



Uber Tries A Novel Approach In Dealing With A Massive Security Breach

Instead of telling the 57-million customers and drivers affected about it immediately so they could take steps to protect themselves, it instead paid off the hackers who stole the information, and told nobody. For more than a year. Bloomberg broke this blockbuster of a story.

It also underscores the fact that corporations, if left to their own devices, will almost never act in the best interests of consumers, because even though corporations are made up of people, their livelihoods are dependent upon protecting the corporation. That’s why deregulation (or self-regulation) is not the panacea Trump often makes it out to be. Many regulatory agencies, such as the EPA, which Trump despises so much, only exist in the first place as the result of shockingly bad acts on the part of corporations, to the point at which–in the case of the EPA–President Nixon felt something had to be done.



Stunning Video Of North Korean Soldier Defecting To South

The still-unidentified soldier, who we told you about last week, is doing better. Still hospitalized in South Korea, but doctors now say he’ll live.

Meanwhile, the United States administered United Nations Command, which controls the Southern part of the DMZ, released this video, obtained by the Washington Post. It shows the soldier driving, then when his jeep gets stuck, running toward the line marking the border between North and South Korea. Chased by North Korean soldiers, he’s shot at close range. At one point in the video, one of the North Korean pursuers crosses the border line as well, then quickly steps back. Finally, the video shows thermal imaging of South Korean troops rescuing the soldier.


For your reference, here’s a map of the area where the defection occurred. The red line is the official divider between North and South. The buildings shown in black are controlled by North Korea, those in white by South Korea and the United Nations Command. This entire section of the DMZ is referred to as the “Joint Security Area”. When the North Korean soldier momentarily stepped over the border line, he violated the armistice that put a stop to the Korean War. A treaty was never signed, so the war is still not officially over.

Source: Wikipedia



Lebanon’s “Ex-Prime Minister” Is Now Back In Lebanon, And In Another Twist, He’s Still Prime Minister

We’ve been following this story for you for a couple of weeks now, as Saad al-Hariri “resigned” while in Saudi Arabia, then was reported to be kept in that country against his will, then left but didn’t return to Lebanon, instead going to France and Egypt. Now he’s finally back in Lebanon, where he took back his resignation, at least for now. Hariri explained he did tender his resignation to Lebanon’s President, who had refused to accept the made-in-Saudi-Arabia version as legit, but instead of accepting it, requested he stay on and “I showed responsiveness”.

Lebanon’s Now Ex-Ex Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri (r) with Lebanon’s President Michel Aoun (l), who refused to accept his resignation


Meanwhile, Bloomberg reports some members of the Saudi Royal family being held in detention since a purge led by the kingdom’s heir-apparent are now being offered deals: freedom in exchange for a portion of their assets. And some of those being held at the Ritz Carlton hotel have started transferring personal assets over to the government. Government authorities insist the amounts they are being asked to pay represent only ill-gotten gains, and are not payoffs. The Saudi government does not officially admit any of this is taking place.



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