SPECIAL BREAKING NEWS REPORT: Trump Fires Secretary of State Tillerson

He’ll Be Replaced By CIA Director Mike Pompeo, Long A Trump Favorite

Trump, of course, made the announcement in a Tweet:

He followed it up with a quick news briefing. “We were not really thinking the same” he said of Tillerson. Of Pompeo: “We have a similar thought process”. Here’s that clip (click on photo to play):


The White House, this morning


Trump specifically mentioned the Iran deal, which he’s been wanting to kill, and said Tillerson thinks is “OK”. So watch for some action on that.

Tillerson’s been outside of Trump’s orbit for some time: last week we pointed out that Trump didn’t even consult him on opening talks with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un until the day after Trump announced it.


Newly fired Secretary of State Rex Tillerson


We know and like Rex Tillerson from our days as financial journalists and strongly feel he did not deserve to be treated so shabbily. In fact, many wondered why he hung on as long as he did.

Pompeo is a West Point grad, and as a Congressman was most noted for his Javert-like pursuit of Hillary Clinton on Benghazi. His promotion also further solidified the Koch brothers’ influence on the White House. Pompeo is from the Kansas district in which they are based and was once known as “The Congressman from Koch.”


Incoming Secretary of State Mike Pompeo


New CIA Director Gina Haspel is an insider with more than 30 years experience at the agency. She’s also infamous for running black ops in the wake of 9/11.


New CIA Director Gina Haspel


We’ll have more on all of this in tomorrow’s edition.