SPECIAL BREAKING NEWS REPORT: President Threatens To Kill $1.3-Trillion Budget Deal, Shut Gov’t Down Because It Doesn’t Include Full Funding For His Wall


Trump Waits Until Budget Passes Congress; Veto Would Almost Immediately Lead To Government Shutdown 

Since no one trusts the President, as the 2,232 page bill moved through Congress, all the while White House budget and legislative chiefs, spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and even Trump himself in Tweets yesterday continually offered assurances he would sign. 

But as we said, with this President, you never know

And we wondered aloud why the President would sign this bill when it only gave him $1,600,000,000 toward “the wall”, not the $25-billion up front he’d previously demanded. Because he knows damn well if Democrats retake the House or Senate this fall, the rest of the funds probably won’t be forthcoming. Most thought the answer lay in Trump getting the stupendous increase in military spending the President had also demanded.

Because to this President, as a legacy to himself, nothing is more important than “the wall”. People keep underestimating this.

Hence this morning’s Tweet

The absolutely crazy thing about this whole thing is what Trump is demanding now is exactly the deal he had weeks ago with Democratic leader Chuck Schumer: DACA for “the wall”. A deal Trump then killed himself by adding all kinds of additional conditions after the fact.