Rex Tillerson Calls Trump A Lot Worse Than “F*cking Moron”

Former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson in rare joint appearance with President Trump, last summer

The Former Secretary Of State Grimly Warns About Leaders Who Play Fast And Loose With Truth, Facts, and Freedom


Tillerson’s more gentlemanly upbraiding of Trump was accomplished without mentioning the President by name, coming during what was otherwise a pretty conventional commencement address at the Virginia Military Institute.

And there’s really not too much to report on here except for Tillerson’s poignant words, so here are some of his words:

“If our leaders seek to conceal the truth, or we as people become accepting of alternative realities that are no longer grounded in facts, then we as American citizens are on a pathway to relinquishing our freedom”.

He then says almost exactly the same thing in a slightly more “folsky” way:

“When we as people, a free people, go wobbly on the truth even on what may seem the most trivial matters, we go wobbly on America”.

Here’s a link to that part of Tillerson’s speech. (Click on the photo to watch):

Why is any of this important? Because while Tillerson was never really part of Trump’s inner circle, he was most certainly an insider, making him a critical witness to the history that was created in front of him.

Trump can’t really argue Tillerson’s a “crazy Democrat” or is making up “fake news”. And while Trump boosters may be poo-pooing Tillerson’s remarks as venting by a fractured former employee who yes, once called Trump a “f*cking moron” (and anyway never really “got with the program”), Tillerson is still widely respected as a corporate leader who for years ran Exxon Mobil, one of the biggest companies in the world.



Senate Votes To Save Net Neutrality. There’s Just One Problem…


Even if it passes in the House, Trump would have to sign it, and it’s him and his people who killed it in the first place!

3 Republican Senators joined in the vote, making  the final tally 52-47. By law, Congress can reverse decisions by government agencies, and can force a simple majority floor vote even if majority leadership wouldn’t bring it to a vote on their own. Which is exactly what happened here.


We often feel it’s a waste of time for Congress to pass legislation they know the President will never sign  (remember the dozens of times Republicans voted to repeal Obamacare when Obama was President?) But we do see why it’s important heading into the midterm elections to remind people whenever possible how the Trump administration has consistently provided supported for giant corporations (in this case internet service providers), while screwing over the “little guy”.



Quick Update To Our Earlier Story “Liberals Lay Off Doug Jones!”

The Democratic Senator from Alabama saying he’ll vote against Trump’s nominee for C.I.A. Director, Gina Haspel.

So you won’t be able to lambaste him about that.

And since Haspel already has enough votes to pass, this move comes with considerable political risk among his Conservative constituency that he could’ve sidestepped without changing any outcome, just like he was accused of doing when he supported Mike Pompeo for Secretary of State.

To quote Jones: “While her career has been impressive, Ms. Haspel’s role in programs that conducted torture is very troubling; her refusal to acknowledge the immorality of such conduct even today with the benefit of hindsight is even more so and reflects poorly on our nation’s reputation….”

Here’s a link to his full statement:

And here’s our original story: