Did Trump Just “Jump The Shark?”


Couldn’t Quite Get It Right At Montana Rally As He Rebutted NY Times Op-Ed Penned By Clandestine Source Within His Staff…Couldn’t Even Pronounce The Word “Anonymous”…Not To Mention The Embarrassingly Poorly Managed Crowd…


Yeah, this is petty. Still, click on the photo above to play the clip and you’ll see what we mean…If you want to have even more fun with it, there’s this:

We watch all these rallies so you don’t have to. And the crowd just didn’t seem quite as fired up as it normally is for one of these things. Note the young woman yawning over Trump’s shoulder in this clip.


Rally organizers seemed to have gone to great pains to put younger people behind Trump, but several times they swapped some of them out, for instance in the clip below where a young man (over Trump’s right shoulder) seems to be asked to leave his spot behind the President. And he politely does. We’d noticed he’d been listening, but was not particularly enthusiastic in his reply to Trump’s applause lines. Click on the photo to watch:


Maybe Montanans are just very polite. Maybe they’ve heard one too many times about how Trump won the election in 2016, and how he’s like Abraham Lincoln: because after all, President Lincoln was “excoriated by the fake news” for his Gettysburg Address.

Here’s Trump riffing on that:


Even professional comedians freshen up their acts every year or so. Trump seems to think delivering nearly the identical material for several years now — without notes — is an ability unique to him, a badge of honor, and evidence of brain health.

Separately, Trump has started just saying at these rallies if Democrats win, they will take away “your Social Security and Medicare”. No, Mr. President, that’s the stated goal of Republican leadership