Quick Update To Our Story: “How Significant Is Trump’s Cease Fire In Trade War With China?”


Sitting down with China’s President Xi at meeting of world leaders this weekend in Argentina

Trump Couldn’t Leave Good Enough Alone


Or perhaps he suddenly realized all he’d really done is gone and given China a 90-day free pass. By Tuesday, he’s calling himself “Tariff Man” and Tweeting about how other countries are coming “to raid the great wealth of our Nation”. (Sound familiar? That’s the same argument Trump uses against immigrants.) That refocused the spotlight and shifted investors’ narrative onto recession signals from the bond market, ballooning deficits, a sagging housing market, plunging energy prices (which may be good for consumers but are a sure sign of economic downturn), and imminent indictments (perhaps). The Dow Jones Industrial Average plummeted nearly 800 points, one of its worst single-day performances this year.

Here’s a link to our original story.

One top of all that madness, Special Counsel Robert Mueller came out with his sentencing guidelines for former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. The Special Counsel recommended Flynn, an early hire to the Trump White House, deserves little or no time behind bars, because Flynn has played a contributing role in  “several ongoing investigations.” Flynn sat down with Mueller’s team nearly 20 times since he began cooperating. His sentencing was delayed several times, as the government said he hadn’t finished cooperating yet. Now apparently, he has. Meaning Mueller indictments could come fast and furious from here.


Ahh, the good old days…Michael Flynn is the one who’s not the President or Steve Bannon.