3rd Time’s Not The Charm For Brexit, And Trump Says He Supports The Great Lakes Because They’re “Very Deep”…

British Prime Minister Theresa May defends her Brexit efforts in Parliament back in January

Today’s the day Britain is supposed to leave the European Union. It’s not.

A vote on a 3rd proposal on how to do it from Prime Minister Theresa May failed by about five dozen votes. What does that mean? For one, the European Union puts a harder deadline on the U.K. than it ever has before, opening the possibility that it could lose patience and Britain could just crash out without a deal in a matter of weeks. Or the U.K. could possibly appeal for more time, if it shows it’s got some visibility about a viable way forward. Another big immediate issue is whether May will stick around to continue to shepherd the process through, or will she be forced to resign, resulting in new elections, which of course would also delay the process.

May shouldered some responsibility, but also issued blame for Parliament’s utter inability to reach a consensus thus far, saying:

“That we are not leaving today is a matter of deep personal regret to me.”

But Brexit could also just be an example of something that at first sounds good to a bunch of people, but when they go and try to do it, turns out not to be.

On the other side of the Atlantic, the American President was praising other bodies of water: the Great Lakes. Trump saying:

I support the Great Lakes. Always have. They are beautiful. They are very big. Very deep. Record deepness, right? And I am going to get…full funding of $300-milliion for the Great Lakes restoration initiative, which you have been trying to get for over 30-years.”

Here’s the clip:

One big problem with that: Trump’s proposed budget, released just this month, contains reductions of 90% to Great Lakes restoration funding. 90%! And so have Trump’s previous budgets. Each year, Congress has ignored Trump’s idea, and continued full funding.

Trump saying he supports full funding now, perhaps not surprisingly happened at a rally not far from the Eastern banks of Lake Michigan. But that either means he’s suddenly done a complete 180–Cleveland.com charitably calls it a “reversal”–or is completely lying. Take your pick.

Separately, Trump an early morning Tweet, threatens “CLOSING the Border…next week“. That’s if Mexico doesn’t do more to prevent Central American refugees from reaching the U.S. southern border. So it should be interesting to see if he keeps that promise…

Quick Update To Our Story: Going Over The Barr Summary Once More

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