The Chaos Report Enters Its 3rd Year!

And we’re making some changes…

First of all, thank you. We couldn’t continue doing this without the support of our audience. We are very proud of the fact that since we started out, we have never missed a day.

Those of you who have been with us since the beginning know we began as a “news avoidance” product following the 2016 Presidential election: a way to provide people with a quick and dirty, painless-as-possible summary of the day’s political news.

About a year ago, we changed that format to a single in-depth story every day, with more perspective, and more original reporting. That was in response to what we were hearing from you: instead of wanting to avoid the news, you now wanted more, not less, information, at least about the stories you really cared about or were interested in taking action on.

When we made that change, we said we might not continue to publish every single weekday, but that never happened.

But it’s time now for a change that does involve publishing less. When we launched The Chaos Report, we never based our plans on making a lot of money. We just felt compelled to help make a difference during these turbulent times, and this is the way we best know how. As we gained popularity and revenue, publishing across multiple platforms, we often joked we were finally making enough money from it to pay for the therapy we needed as the result of doing it.

Thing is, that’s more-or-less true, and The Chaos Report has become more-or-less a full-time job. The way we make our money is through syndication and publication on other sites, and many of them have changed their business models over the past years as well. Without going into detail, we don’t make more money any more from publishing more, and we actually will likely make more money publishing less. We know that doesn’t make sense, but it’s just the way it is.

How much less? We don’t know yet. A lot of it will continue to be dictated by developments of the day, and momentum surrounding elections and other significant events. It’s possible that we will still publish close to to every day. Or not.

This definitely doesn’t mean we’re going away.

What does that mean for you, our subscribers? We hope nothing. Because we hope you’ll stick with us. And if you do, you will continue to receive The Chaos Report in your inbox at 8 AM Eastern just as you do now. Just not every day.

Thank you as always for your support. You are incredibly loyal, and we promise to continue to be loyal to you.