Let’s Get This Straight: There Is No “About Face”, There Are No “Mixed Messages”


This column isn’t going to be very long today, because it doesn’t have to be.

Here’s that clip again we showed you Thursday of Trump basking in the chant of “send her back” at his North Carolina rally after he mentioned Representative Ilhan Omar (D) MN:

Here’s Trump this weekend:

So let’s break this down (it’s already pretty broken down, so should be easy):

  1. The President was not “particularly happy with their chant”.
  2. Yet anyone who did participate in the chant (and many in attendance didn’t) is praised as “patriotic”.
  3. And also, says the President, they “love the U.S.A.” (Which according to the President, Omar doesn’t. According to the Preisdent, she “hates our country”.)

How’s that an about face again?

Not only does he lie about leading people on, (who else are they following?) but he’s also Retweeting a radical right-wing British political pundit who was a contestant on “The Apprentice” at one point (the British one, not Trump’s) and has called for a “final solution” for Muslims in the U.K.

So no New York Times (we don’t mean to single you out, it’s just the link we’ve got most handy), and so many others. The President hasn’t been sending mixed messages. It’s like saying a running back who cuts or fakes isn’t trying to get the most yardage out of the run as they can, when actually they’re using those feints to try to get more. And trying to get a black rapper out of jail in Sweden (which seems to be Trump’s ridiculous idea for making this all good for African-Americans isn’t going to mean squat either).

Will any of this make a difference. That’s the key question that for now remains unanswered. (Despite a bunch of really dumb stories this weekend that claim they know and already seem to have the 2020 election scientifically decided: that includes you again, New York Times). But for now..

Still full speed ahead racist…