Trump’s Uncanny Streak Of Good Luck Continues

Triumphant announcement

Things really looked dismal for the President in the past couple of weeks. Now, due to one swift action by the U.S. military, they don’t.

Just as the walls seem to really be closing in on the President, U.S. special forces take out the founder of ISIS.

We’re not saying Trump doesn’t deserve full credit. It happened under his watch. He gets the credit. Just as he should for everything that happens under his watch.

So we’re not going to lampoon his giddy, boast-filled announcement, and how he made a point of pointing out how he outdid Obama since Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was a bigger catch than Osama bin Laden. Or how he, Trump, was the one who suggested the U.S. Government go after Bin Laden in the first place. (If you want to watch it, you can click here or on the photo above).

We’re also not saying taking out the founder of ISIS is the result of pure luck (although there’s usually an element of that with this type of operation). It’s usually a fortuitous outcome of hard field work, meticulous planning, and precise execution.

And most of the time at least, the decision to move is one of opportunity, not political expediency. And we completely believe that was the case, in this case. It’s not like he called up Rudy Giuliani and asked him to go out and catch him a big fish

It’s just another example of Trump getting an astronomically big break for Trump at a time he really needed an astronomically big break. 

Time and time again (without taking responsibility for it of course) Trump has plunged himself well over the precipice of a spectacular calamity, and he’s found the currency to bring himself back. Both in his political and business life.

Do we believe some people are inherently lucky? Yes. Is it an irrational belief? Yes. Yet we see it all the time. People who repeatedly put all their eggs in the wrong basket. And yet for some wild reason they turn to gold. (Helps too if you’re born with a basket of golden eggs). Or act recklessly and/or abusively and/or even perhaps illegally. And yet for some reason there’s never a piper to pay. Is Trump one of those people? Seems to be.

But what about karma? Doesn’t it all eventually inevitably all even out? For most people, yes. For Trump, no. We almost begin to understand today how some evangelicals see him as sent by God.

The only other thing that’s for sure is Trump’ll need these lightning bolts of luck more and more (at least between now and election day 2020) as he’s sure to create many more disasters for himself (which he’ll always blame on someone else). Will his luck ever run dry? So far it hasn’t, so why would that change? One answer: deliberately never worrying about the consequences of what one does, and deliberately abusing one’s power is hubris. And we’ve already seen plenty of that exhibited on Trump’s part. Yet, nothing. Someone or something always comes through to save him.