1) Trump Is Too Incoherent To Do What He’s Accused Of Doing. 2) He Should Be Re-elected.

Remember when he drew a circle around parts of Alabama to prove his hurricane Tweets were right?

Republicans Seem To Have Landed On That Interesting Dual Conclusion

As sometimes Trump golfing buddy Senator Lindsey Graham (R) SC puts it:

What I can tell you about the Trump policy towards the Ukraine is that it was incoherent ….incapable of forming a quid pro quo.”

So basically, the President couldn’t possibly have threatened the President of Ukraine by withholding aid if he didn’t in exchange for it investigate the Bidens and other Democrat-related things, because Trump’s incapable of staying on a single thought long enough to do so.

And that’s meant to be that…!

We have nothing to say about that except to ask: how does near complete incoherence qualify him in any way to be President? And not instead demonstrate a level of incompetence so astounding that it would render him completely unfit to be the leader of the greatest country on earth? Even though what you’re trying to prove is he’s completely unworldly, except he’s always out there saying he’s the craftiest guy alive?

We suppose a valid answer to that is: the American people, in their collective wisdom, elected him, that’s why.