Quick Follow-Up To Our Story: ‘What Might Be Even More Important Than “Christianity Today” Calling For Trump’s Removal…’

Trump’s still so freaked out about it that for his first public appearance in the New Year, he goes and does an unusually small rally at an evangelical church in Miami.

Click on the photo to watch

And while the President didn’t disappoint with even more incoherent than usual rally ramblings (we’re sure there are plenty of other people around who’ll tell you about that), we found something even more interesting at least to us…(Although we do also acknowledge in light of the other events of the day, this is pretty minor…)

And that is the pastor conducting the opening prayer starts out, first thing, by saying Trump “doesn’t claim to be perfect”. Except Trump does claim to be “perfect”. All the time. So in saying that he doesn’t, he’s expressing a wish, not a reality. And he’s also indirectly admitting there’s stuff Trump does and says he and his congregants don’t approve of at all. But they should let him off the hook because after all, the President’s humble. Except he’s not. The opposite. Then the preacher, in the name of the Lord, segues directly into abortion, and judges who oppose abortion, in case the real, intended message is confusing to anyone, or lost on anyone….

Here’s a link to video of it (the whole rally in fact), which you can also look at by clicking on the photo above. It’s easy enough to find the part we’re talking about: it’s at the very beginning. To his credit, Trump did not blaspheme even once during his time, which is not typical for him at rallies. Not one “Goddamn”. Which is a staple of his at rallies. Or had been. Not even one “hell”. (We watched it and double-checked the C-SPAN transcripts.)

No G-Ds, but 4 “hells” at his last rally before this one, example: “I knocked the hell out of Pocahontas”. He did of course invoke God several times in this one, mostly in the context of Democrats hankering to “replace God with Socialism”. And he does manage a “God Bless America”, at the very end, which as we’ve pointed out is also not typical. In his previous rally to this one, for instance, his final words were “protecting our great country”. But maybe that was unusual, since it was for an audience of college-age Conservatives. But at the rally before that, Battle Creek, Michigan, with a more “usual” Trump crowd, final words: “We will make America great again.” And “thank you, Michigan.” No mention of God. As usual.

Which although we’ve said it before, always reminds us of Psalm 10:

“In his pride the wicked does not seek him; in all his thoughts there is no room for God.”