This Should Be The Training Video For Working For Trump

Rep. Sires (D) NJ isn’t having it.

Acting White House budget director Russell Vought appeared before Congress today, and refused to admit anyone other than Trump has created jobs for American workers. Especially Not Obama.

Under clever questioning from New Jersey Democrat Albio Sires, a member of the House Budget Committee, Vought kept saying he could not recollect anything but the U.S. losing 200,000 manufacturing job during Obama’s time in office. And if you’re seeking Trump’s approval, and perhaps some longevity in your White House job especially since you’ve been doing it now for more than a year, and are still just “acting”, so a temp: Right answer!

As Rep. Sires later Tweeted:

This is not disagreeing on policy, this is ignoring facts that don’t suit you.”

You can watch the lively exchange by clicking here, or on the photo below.

Trump’s acting budget director, Russell Vought, appearing today before the House Budget Committee

President Obama created nearly 9-million U.S. jobs during his time as President, as he successfully steered the country out of one of the worst Recessions ever.