We Believe Trump Retweeting The Larry David Clip Is Being Wildly Misinterpreted By Virtually Everyone

This was, for a day or two, the most talked-about Tweet of the week…

And we don’t think it’s proof at all that the President is an ignoramus who didn’t understand the true meaning of the clip…

We think it’s only proof — and we’re refraining from profanity even though our first word choice is used in the clip Trump Retweeted more than half a dozen times — that Trump doesn’t give a hoot.

Not about what it means. Or what the context really is. He’s not clueless, he just doesn’t — again, to put it more politely than the clip the President Retweeted— care a whit.

The bit from HBO’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm” pretty clearly amused him. Not to mention prominently featured a piece of his merchandise — probably the most iconic piece of his merchandise, which in the clip is actually successfully used to help defuse a potentially ugly situation. You can watch the clip, BTW, by clicking on the President’s Tweet above. So what’s not to love if you’re the President? Yeah, he probably didn’t put much thought into it. Had a little smile, Tweeted it out, and moved on. But that doesn’t make him an indisputable idiot. And his supporters likewise are just gonna have a little hoot and not really gonna pull any deep meaning from it. Other than maybe the biker is depicted as genuinely being a Trump supporter. But now we’re thinking we’re starting to think too much about it. Really.

(And we’re not ones to cut him any slack: remember, just last night we lambasted him for appearing to think the Battles of Lexington and Concord took place in New Hampshire, Not Massachusetts. Which is a far bigger deal if you’re trying to prove the President’s a dummy. Especially since he went to military school.)

And from the perspective of the President, if it’s going to send Liberals into paroxysms of incredulity and journalists into intricate analyses and synopses of something that’s basically nothing, so much the better!