We’re Convinced Now: Trump’s Way Is Better

People keep Tweeting they want to see Elizabeth Warren ferociously take Trump apart on the debate stage the way she did with Bloomberg. But she wouldn’t.

Democratic Presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D) MA, this week in Las Vegas

Because Trump wouldn’t awkwardly, embarrassingly and haughtily try to half-apologize and explain away his inappropriate behavior and richly paid for NDAs. As Bloomberg did during this week’s Las Vegas debate. No half-admissions/half brush-offs: “We have a very few nondisclosure agreements….Maybe they didn’t like a joke I told”.

Trump would simply deny everything. And then attack anybody who comes forward with facts that prove his denials are lies.

How are we so sure about this? Oh, come on…! How about because of the way he’s handled these very same types of allegations, and many others, in the past.

Here’s how we’d imagine the exchange going, more-or-less:

Warren (this is a compilation and slight reordering of the exact words she used with Bloomberg):

What we need to know is exactly what’s lurking out there. He has gotten some number of women, dozens, who knows, to sign nondisclosure agreements.”


Fake News! There are no NDAs! My jokes and statements are perfect! Nobody treats women better than I do! Nobody is less of a sexual-harasser than I am.”


So if there are no NDAs, if the women you say are not bound by being muzzled by you now want to speak out and tell their side of the story about what it is they allege, that’s now OK with you?”


I did nothing wrong! Pocahantus (sic) is being very nasty and unfair to me because she wants to impose her Radical Socialist Agenda on America. And we will never allow that!”

Warren, on the spot, rattles off half a dozen names and well-documented instances of all kinds of inappropriate behavior, settled claims and litigation against the President.


I don’t know any of these women! I didn’t pay any money to anybody! And look at the pictures: do you think I would go for someone who looks like them? Not my type!”

After the debate, major media outlets would confirm everything Warren accused Trump of is completely accurate, and add additional documentation and sources of their own (but anonymous sources, because of those NDAs).

Trump (this is probably a Tweet):

Lamestream media again prove they’re operatives for Radical Socialist Democrat party. They only quote ‘unnamed sources.’ You know why? Because they don’t exist! They spread lies about Trump because they hate Trump and they hate America! THEY ARE THE TRUE ENEMIES OF THE PEOPLE!”

So then Warren might end up looking silly Tweeting something like this, instead of looking like she’s going in for the kill (we’ve always said she’s more of a conventional politician than she appears, and that includes ruthlessness):

And Trump would come off no worse than Bloomberg did. In fact, better.

We’re not saying Bloomberg should be cut any slack. Nor should Trump.

Just if we’ve got something very bad to hide, Trump’s way: lying and denying, is obviously the way to go.