106 House Republicans, And 18 Republican Attorneys General, And 1 President Are Urging The Supreme Court To Overturn The Election Because The Dear Leader Lost…

They’ve all now signed on to support Texas’ try to get all the votes in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, and Wisconsin thrown out.

“Contemplation of Justice” Statue in front of U.S. Supreme Court

No one is charging fraud. No one. I mean, the President is, out loud, but even he isn’t in this case. Instead, Trump’s sycophants–who now include more than 1/2 the Republicans in the House of Representatives–are asserting if Trump is not allowed to win, it puts in peril the bedrock concept of this country, based as it is on the “consent of the governed”. Huh? Trump lost. The “governed” elected Joe Biden by a margin of 7,059,782 more votes.

So in order to believe their argument, you pretty much also have to believe that voting for a Democrat is not a legitimate thing for a U.S. citizen to do, and areas of a state with lots of Democrats (or more generally, non-White people), should certainly not be allowed to count. Because in what other context does trying to conjure up an alternate reality Trump win make any sense? Because 81,281,890 people have given their consent to President-elect Joe Biden, which is more than the 74,222,108 Trump got.

Because the election belongs to the people, and not just one set of people, and not just Trump.

Is this all—as a lot of law and political experts and reporters are saying today—a pretext for Republicans to launch a broad assault aimed at taking voting rights away from people in the next few years because such “space age” innovations as mail-in voting worked too well, and too many people voted and that made them nervous? Or is it because jumping onto Trump’s crazy train at this point is something that costs these Republican AG’s and Representatives nothing with no effort needed on their part? Especially because it’s so unlikely to work, yet might have some political upside for them, or downside if they don’t join in?

Who the hell cares right now?

Because whatever their motivation, everyone signed onto this is spreading lies and undermining free elections. Eagerly and gleefully.

As the Attorney General in Pennsylvania, in his response to the suit, plainly states:

The Court should not abide this seditious abuse of the judicial process, and should send a clear and unmistakable signal that such abuse must never be replicated.”

President-elect Biden won 306 electoral votes. Same number as Trump 4 years ago, which he and his people called a landslide. In Georgia, for instance, which is named as a defendant: every single vote has been counted, then counted by hand, then recounted again. Election results have already all been certified by whomever is legally required to certify them in every single state, some by Democrats, some by Republicans. The Electoral College meets on Monday. Period. End of discussion. At least it should be.