Hugely Significant Development In Investigation Of Trump’s Lawyer

Trump Chooses To Stand Behind Michael Cohen, Not The Justice Department


ABC’s exclusive James Comey interview overshadowed much of what was going on Sunday evening (including nearly 45-year old pitcher Bartolo Colon taking a perfect game into the 8th inning) but what might be the most head-spinning development of all is a letter Trump’s lawyers sent to Federal Judge Kimba Wood ahead of a hearing today in New York.



It’s a request that the judge make any materials seized during raids on Cohen last week hands-off to government investigators until Trump and Cohen review it themselves for potential violations of attorney-client privilege. Trump rejecting the standard procedure for this kind of investigation: a so-called “taint team” of federal lawyers not affiliated with the case who would review the documents to make sure nothing is revealed that does not relate to the specific reasons for the raid (mostly related to payments to porn star Stormy Daniels and some other money-trail issues). Trump’s lawyers writing the Justice Department (in this case the U.S. Attorney’s office for the Southern District of New York), is acting in “an aggressive, intrusive, and un­or­tho­dox manner”. The entire document is here.


Trump lawyer Michael Cohen (Touche CNN…)



How Long Before Federal Judge Kimba Wood Becomes A Trump Twitter Target?

Obviously, he doesn’t want to be on her bad side right now, but should she issue a ruling in this case he doesn’t like? How long would it take for him to remember?:

  1. Bill Clinton was going to nominate her for Attorney General in 1993.
  2. She was found to have employed an undocumented immigrant as a nanny. Although it was not illegal at the time she did it, and she paid social security, etc., she was never nominated. Janet Reno became Attorney General instead.



Comey Interview Summarized In 4 Short Sentences


Highlights from fired FBI Director James Comey’s interview with George Stephanopoulos (click on the photo to watch)


In case you missed it:

1. Trump is more interested in optics than ethics.

2, Russians might have something on Trump.

3. Comey still can’t or won’t really explain why he revealed just days before the election the F.B.I. had reopened its investigation of Clinton emails.

4. Comey was so upset about his surprise firing (finding out from a TV report during a visit to L.A.) that he drank a special bottle of wine he’d picked up in California from a paper cup on the flight home.



1 More Follow Up To Our Story: “Problem Is, When You Lie And Cheat All The Time, You Assume Everybody Else Is Lying And Cheating


Except, of course, President “Wild Bill” Clinton does also have a history of lying and cheating.