All Of Trump’s Tweets (And Retweets) These Days Are Not Equal

Frank Sinatra? Among other Retweets: the name of the CIA employee who is believed to be the whistleblower who filed the initial complaint that led to the investigation that led to Trump’s impeachment. Contrary to many reports, that name has not been deleted from the President’s Twitter feed. In fact he’s subsequently Retweeted it again.

The President’s making even more noise than usual, but we think that’s partly obscuring 2 key (and alarming) messages Trump’s promoting heading into 2020…

Which are as follows:

  • If the economy is strong, he can’t lose the election. And the economy, if measured by record stock market closes, and low unemployment numbers, is strong. But Trump’s extending it to mean something in addition: that if he does lose, it’ll mean something fishy happened. This is something Trump has stated explicitly several times, yet inexplicably is falling through the cracks. Here’s an example where he argues he can’t be impeached. #1 reason? Because stock prices are strong:
  • If you disagree with Trump, you hate Trump. If you hate Trump, you hate America. So then if you disagree with Trump, you hate America. That formula is something Trump is actively trying to drum into the heads of Americans before the next election. And if he succeeds in his messaging, the equation ends up being this: Trump = America.

So then in that context, Democrats don’t want to beat Trump because this is a two party system so of course they want to win. It means Democrats want to beat Trump because they hate America. Proof? They hate him. And so a vote for him is a vote to save/defend/etc. America.

Trump makes a point of injecting the word “hate” as much as possible these days (which he has always used unsparingly), but is using “hate” even more these days than his old favorite: “unfair”.

One of many examples: at a recent event for young Conservatives, the President exhorted them to:

Not surrender our cherished institutions and culture to the radical, America-hating Left.”

So here’s why we think more heed should be paid to those two oft-repeated arguments from the President: he is laying the groundwork for why a beat next November would absolutely not be legit.

We are not among those who believe if he loses, Trump will refuse leave office. But we also believe he will never publicly admit he actually lost. And we do definitely believe if he loses, he will continuously gripe that he actually won. For those two very reasons, which few people are paying any attention to right now, even though Trump keeps shouting them out, loud and clear!