Might Trump Do A Last Minute VP Switcheroo?

High times at the U.N. early in his term with then-Ambassador Nikki Haley

As much as we hate wild, completely unsubstantiated theories and scenarios, and normally go out of our way to avoid them, we do indulge ourselves every once in a while.

So here’s one of our own: Less than 100 days now until the Presidential election. And we believe if Trump doesn’t start recovering soon in the polls, especially among suburban women (or “housewives” as he puts it), he might very well pull a last minute stunt and name his former U.N. Ambassador, and South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley as his running mate, instead of his current vice-President Mike Pence again.

What put that thought into our heads? This recent Tweet from Haley where sure we’re reading too much into it but also she sure sounds like she thinks this is possible:

And Trump’s got a perfect way to pull this off where he displays no outward weakness (although surely it would be seen as a panic move, which does really make it less likely), and allows Pence to completely save face. The President can just say Pence has the most important job of our time as head of the White House Coronavirus task force, and because that’s so important, he’ll have no time to campaign. And in fact, Pence cares so much for the good of the American people, he will make a huge sacrifice of his own and agree to run that task force until the disease is eradicated and America’s pandemic-response cupboards are again well-stocked. Which is a 2-year commitment at least.


Far fetched?

We’ll see…