Forget About Distraction; New Strategy Is Exhaustion

The President has never cared about truth. Now he’s just trying to tire you out.

Trump’s kind of almost given up on distracting from his mistakes. Although sometimes he can’t help it. Especially instantly blaming the “other side” on anything of which he can be credibly accused. 

Instead, or at least in addition, his campaign and those surrounding him have shifted into a new gear: just make everybody who’s against him really exhausted so they’ll be totally bereft of energy on Election Day, or better yet, convinced their one vote couldn’t possibly make a difference. The nation’s already too divided. Irreparably. Isn’t it?

This effort to exhaust is already evident in all kinds of things. Starting with Hunter Biden. As we said back in January, who the hell cares about Hunter Biden?! Yet they’ll just keep piling it on even though they know Hunter Biden’s no Hillary Clinton, and even Hillary Clinton was no “Hillary Clinton”, just so some non-Trump voters might feel buried under piles and piles of BS.

And presto! Stories about that make up more than 1/2 our news feed today.

And why has Republican leadership in the Senate established October 23rd as the date on which full Senate floor debate should start on approving Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett? So that a final vote will come as close to Election Day as possible. So they can cover up the breaking of an “incontrovertible rule” they made up themselves with a little show of raw power heading into the election. So as many Democratic voters out there as possible might feel “no point; can’t win”.

That makes up nearly the other half of our news feed right now.

In fact, on top of multiple stories about those people and things, we see just 3 others:

That last one will become another “exhaustion” story. Unless you’re already out of a job, or out of money. In which case it already has.

So remember this about that: only one main reason there’s not another Coronavirus relief package already. And that’s that Trump and Republicans decided it was far more important to prioritize completing their hypocritical endeavor of getting their Supreme Court Justice through, than getting working families relief. Trump actually came out and said this.

A pertinent sub-plot to this was Trump’s insistence that one condition of additional aid would be steering it away from city dwellers as punishment for not voting for him. 

But Republicans could’ve forced Trump’s hand on this. They didn’t. And Trump could’ve forced Republican Senators’ hands on this. He didn’t.

So Trump and Republicans are now going to work to make it look like they’re trying to get something through, so they can blame it on Democrats when it doesn’t go. That’s politics in an election year. But it’s also another thing that’s designed to infuriate Democrats to the point of saying “I just can’t!” And then maybe not.

So will trying to exhaust and exasperate Democrats so they don’t vote work as a tactic? Who knows? Just that this is just the beginning. Just 18 days from Election Day, and many of people already voting. Still, lots more shoes will drop. Big and small, and clunky ones all. So be ready for a tremendous wave of all kinds of stuff coming at you the next couple of weeks. Stuff that mainstream media will dutifully report on just because it’s the President or whomever close to him is saying it.

Not all, but many who fell for this kind of stuff in 2016, are still inexplicably afraid of being slammed by the President for being “unfair” if they don’t swallow and digest and excrete every single last ounce of whatever crap he’s dumping out. And it’s going to get more and more and more extreme.

But you know better…